News April 19th, 2019


Round 2 - Fight! Qanba USA is back as a grand sponsor for the TEKKEN World Tour, lending our expertly-crafted products as the official joystick of the TEKKEN World Tour for a second year in a row. Last year’s TEKKEN World Tour pushed the boundaries of TEKKEN with such a strong player reaction, so we’re thrilled to again support the TEKKEN World Tour, an organization that understands our vision of highly polished, player-first products.

There’s a lot to be optimistic about for the TEKKEN World Tour 2019, but there’s one thing that excites us in particular: Dojo events. The TEKKEN World Tour 2019 Dojo system embodies everything Qanba USA stands for: empowering players to step up to the plate and uplift their fighting game communities for a greater purpose. We see our support for the TWT as an extension of supporting grassroots efforts around the globe. The amount of cooperation between communities we’ve witnessed so far is unprecedented, and we’re proud to stand with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. and Twitch for this cause.

2019 marks Qanba USA’s ten year anniversary as a company, and there’s no one else we’d rather invite to our birthday party than the TEKKEN community.

Celebrate the kickoff of the TEKKEN World Tour 2019 with 10% off on any purchase made on when you use the code TWT2019 at check-out!

- Qanba USA Team