News May 8th, 2018

Qanba Partners with TEKKEN World Tour 2018

A brand born from the FGC, Qanba USA has sponsored many event series both big and small, from locals in garage warehouses to the glitzy Vegas strip. The Tekken World Tour is Qanba USA’s first venture in supporting a tournament series of this magnitude, and we couldn’t be more honored to have our logo next to Bandai Namco’s as partners.

Qanba USA’s support for the Tekken World Tour stems from a desire to facilitate growth of the Tekken game, community, and esports platform. Just as Qanba USA stays ahead of the curve in product development, we identify the best opportunities to inject resources into the fighting game economy that will facilitate meaningful growth. Good games are the foundation to such an economy, which is why Qanba USA has chosen to support the TWT, knowing that the investment goes right back to franchise and in turn, Bandai Namco can continue to put out great content and improvements throughout Tekken 7’s long life.

At the end of the day, we want to uplift the existing Tekken community as today’s fans know and love it, as well as strengthen the platform for the players of tomorrow. We’ve developed alongside the FGC and will continue to share our expertise, resources and knowhow to the publishers and platforms that demonstrate that same dedication to growth. “We love supporting fighting games that we love. I personally have been competing at Tekken in regionals, nationals and also international tournaments that were sponsored by Namco since Tekken Tag Tournament 1,” says Andy Lam, Business Development at Qanba USA.

“Sponsoring Tekken World Tour is an amazing opportunity to give back to, and work with Tekken directly after all of these years.”