News November 1st, 2018

Qanba's TEKKEN World Tour Edition Joysticks Available Now!

Qanba USA’s TEKKEN World Tour Edition Obsidian and Drone joysticks are now available for a limited time. Visit to learn more and order your very own piece of TEKKEN history!

Both designs were uniquely created to encapsulate and celebrate one of the biggest years in Tekken. The Obsidian model joystick features the TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution cast in 8-bit sprite art, while the Drone features a the crying Heihachi emblem that is synonymous with TEKKEN 7 in a street art motif.

Whether this is your first fightstick or latest addition to your long-running TEKKEN collection, every level of TEKKEN fan can find their newest joystick within the accessibility of the Drone or premium quality of the Obsidian.

As Qanba USA is a team comprised of TEKKEN fans and players, we’re excited to celebrate the TEKKEN World Tour right alongside you!

- Qanba USA Team