News September 2nd, 2018

TEKKEN 7 Season Pass 2 Patch Notes: Lars


Command Changes
During Rage 1+2
  • Distance traveled backward during animation decreased.
  • Reach increased.
  • Now transitions to Silent Entry f,1,2,B
During Silent Entry 1
  • Causes Wall Bounce on hit.
During Silent Entry 2
  • Startup changed from 22F to 19F.
During Silent Entry 3
  • Recovery for both players incerased by 2F.
  • Opponent farther away on block.
  • Jump status start changed from 15F to 14F.
  • No longer transitions to Dynamic Entry f,1,2,3,B
  • No longer transitions to Silent Entry f,2,1,B
  • Crouch status added for 4-10F.
During Dynamic Entry 3
  • Changed from +6F to +4F on block.
  • Causes Wall Bounce on hit.
During Dynamic Entry 4,3
  • New move added.
During Dynamic Entry F
  • Transitions to Silent Entry.
  • Changed from -14F to -13F on block.
  • Opponent closer on block.
  • Active frames increased by 1F.
  • Opponent reaction on counter hit was changed.
  • Changed from -12F to -8F on block.
  • Recovery decreased by 4F on hit.
  • Causes Screw on mid-air hit.
  • Hitbox expanded downward.
  • Hitbox expanded downward.
While rising 2,1
  • Changed from +2F to +3F on hit.
(While enemy is down) d+3+4
  • Damage changed from 20 to 25.
  • Opponent closer on block.

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