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TEKKEN World Tour 2020 Locations Announced

The 2020 TEKKEN World Tour is finally ready to kick off — and this time, it’s spreading its wings farther than ever before.

This year’s TEKKEN World Tour boasts a wide array of events across the globe, making stops in some countries that have never before been part of the King of Iron Fist Tournament. Touching down in such locales as Pakistan and Africa’s Ivory Coast, the 2020 season promises to feature the best of TEKKEN’s competition all around the world, beginning with Tokyo TEKKEN Masters in April.

Throwing down in Tokyo, Japan, Tokyo TEKKEN Masters marks the starting line for competitors hoping to secure their place in TEKKEN history — and secure a strategic place in the rankings. As told by its name, this kickoff tournament is the Tour’s first Masters Event, making for a high-stakes competition with 300 points up for grabs.

Jumping from East to West, the TWT dives into sunny California for NorCal Regionals and Lyon, France for The Mixup, moving on to Sweden’s ever-hype Headstomper and even the well-loved Combo Breaker. As one of the most popular fighting game tournaments in the United States, Chicagoland’s TWT Master Event also acts as the second-largest TEKKEN competition in the world, with the Evolution Championship Series taking the crown for the largest TEKKEN bracket in history.

EVO likewise makes its return to the TEKKEN World Tour in August as the only Master + Event, awarding a whopping 550 points to the first-place victor. With honor, pride, and a near-guaranteed spot in the TWT standings on the line, EVO’s importance cannot be underestimated — but Vegas isn’t the only city players should have their eyes on.

Kiungo Games makes its TEKKEN World Tour debut in June, marking the second TWT tournament in Africa after Cape Town Showdown in May. Boasting a massive competitive TEKKEN presence, Africa’s booming fighting game community promises to make a strong showing in the fray as the Ivory Coast continues to impress.

That’s not all: Peru’s Collision is also making a comeback, further adding to the explosive storyline of the Peruvian vs Korean showdown that saw hometown heroes beat out their Korean opponents in a historic weekend last year.

While other events return to the TWT once more, Pakistan’s Takra Cup makes its first showing on the official circuit in October, following its massive success in 2019. Thanks to the region’s huge showing last year, with names like “Arslan Ash” taking both EVOs back-to-back and “Atif Butt” winning Tokyo Tekken Masters, it’s safe to say that this area could provide some seriously heavy competition for traveling players.

The 2020 TEKKEN World Tour will come to an end on December 12 – 13 in New Orleans, Louisiana, setting a historic stage of battle where the ultimate victor will be decided. The timeless legacy of the famous “The Big Easy” city stands as the final remaining test for players; with tournaments spanning the entire globe, the TWT is already shaping up to be an electric year of thrilling competition as TEKKEN 7’s best talent prepare to put it all on the line. Who will come out on top as the champion of the King of Iron First Tournament? Only time will tell, and it’s quickly ticking down to April 4th as Tokyo Tekken Masters looms on the horizon.

There’s more to the 2020 TWT than Challenger and Master Events: the Dojo System is also making a grand return this year, giving local tournaments around the globe an opportunity to take part in the Tour, even if traveling isn’t an option. Local tournament organizers will be able to apply their events for ranking points on the TEKKEN World Tour via smash.gg, allowing competitiors a chance to make a statement on the rankings no matter where they are in the world. By the season’s end, these community-driven points could even mark the difference in qualifying for Finals. More information on the 2020 Dojo system will be available soon.

You can view the current 2020 TEKKEN World Tour Schedule below or by visiting the site’s Schedule page.


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