News November 28th, 2018

TEKKEN World Tour Finals Preview: Players #13-19

There are too many great players in this year’s TEKKEN World Tour Finals to cover them in just one preview. Not even two previews are enough. That’s why we welcome you to part three of our overview of this year’s Finalists.

This preview covers the players who finished 13th through 19th on the Tour leaderboard. There are plenty of familiar names here, as six of these seven players have qualified for a previous TEKKEN 7 season championship. They have also made their mark on this season’s campaign, as this group has a combined seven Tour event victories under their belt.

Without further ado, here are the rest of the confirmed TEKKEN World Tour Finalists:

#13 Rangchu

Jung Hyun-Ho, South Korea, Fursan Esports
Twitter: @rangchu123

Character(s): You don’t see many Pandas in the later rounds of major tournaments, but when you do see one it’s probably Rangchu. The Panda specialist did give a little bit of play to Xiaoyu, Josie, and Anna over the course of his last few events as well.

How he got here: Rangchu did not win any events on this year’s Tour, but he had several strong performances throughout the year. He finished fifth or better at six Tour events, including Fighting Games Challenge (4th), TWFighter (2nd), and The Mixup (3rd).

Why Rangchu could win: He’s playing better than his results show. Rangchu’s strong performances might have been even stronger had he not run into the reigning TEKKEN World Tour champion so often. Qudans eliminated him at two out of the final three Tour events he entered. Both of his losses at this year’s Evo came at Qudans’ hands as well.

#14 Joey Fury

Joseph Bennett, United States, Equinox Gaming
Twitter: @Joey_Fury

Character(s): Joey Fury is known primarily for his JACK-7 play, but we have seen more and more of his “thousand-dollar” Gigas as of late.

How he got here: Joey Fury scored a vital win in the NA East online event. He also finished fourth at Summer Jam, third at SoCal Regionals, and finished in the top eight of four other Tour events.

Why Joey Fury could win: He can come up big in big moments. Joey Fury made it out of the group stage at last year’s TEKKEN World Tour Finals, and his play this year has been even

better. Joey picked up big wins this year over JDCR (at Combo Breaker) and Saint (at CEO), so he knows he can play with anyone in the world.

#15 Super Akouma

Vincent Homan, France, CRaZY Esports
Twitter: @SuperAkouma

Character(s): Despite picking his name before Akuma was added to the TEKKEN 7 roster, the man who calls himself Super Akouma has a super Akuma.

How he got here: Wins at Kuwait Battle Royal and Celtic Throwdown put Super Akouma in qualifying position, but the rest of the field caught up. It took a victory at Berlin TEKKEN Clash, the season’s penultimate event, to finally secure his spot in the Finals field.

Why Super Akouma could win: He’s a closer. Results have been feast or famine for Super Akouma on this year’s Tour. The Frenchman entered 10 TEKKEN World Tour events this year, but only finished among the top four three times. But any time he has been among the final four in a tournament, he has won it all.

#16 Chanel

Kang Seong-Ho, South Korea, ROX Dragons
Twitter: @TekkenChanel

Character(s): Chanel is most associated with Alisa, as he is currently Shoryuken’s top-ranked Alisa in the world. He couples her with a fearsome Eliza that he utilizes on a regular basis, as well as an Akuma and Anna seen at recent events.

How he got here: Deep runs at Master events have been the key to Chanel’s season. Strong performances at Korea Masters, Fighting Games Challenge, and Combo Breaker were bookended by deep runs at Final Round (4th) and The Mixup (2nd).

Why Chanel could win: He has a nose for the podium. He is fresh off of his bronze medal win at the International eSports Festival World Championship. Earlier this year he defeated five of this year’s eventual TEKKEN World Tour Finals qualifiers on his way to a second-place finish at Evo Japan.

#17 Take

Takehiko Abe, Japan, Team Yamasa
Twitter: @hk_takku

Character(s): Aside from the occasional Geese pick, Kazumi has been Take’s go-to character for most of the season. But at the season’s final event, Canada Cup, Take won sets with Paul, Steve, and Jin.

How he got here: Take’s second place finish at BEast Arena Hong Kong set him up for a strong season. He picked up a victory at FV Cup, and later secured his spot with a runner-up performance at Canada Cup.

Why Take could win: He’s riding high. It was Take who scored the decisive win for Team Yamasa in the Mastercup grand final. And one week later, his scored a second-place finish behind Yamasa teammate Nobi at Canada Cup after both players had already secured their spots in the TEKKEN World Tour Finals.

#18 Noroma

Takumi Hamasaki, Japan, CooasGames Esports
Twitter: @TLaionsan

Character(s): Noroma is most associated with JACK-7, but he won’t hesitate to switch characters if need be. He has called upon Dragunov, Devil Jin, Shaheen, Feng, among others.

How he got here: Noroma got out to a fast start. In the first half of the season he finished third at Korea Masters, won TWFighter, and finished second at Abuget Cup. He still needed a top-six finish at South East Asia Major to seal the deal.

Why Noroma could win: He’s used to big stages by now. After his breakthrough win at last year’s Korea Masters, Noroma has become a very familiar face at big events. He is the only player to make the last eight of arguably the three most prestigious TEKKEN 7 tournaments of the past 12 months – last year’s Tour Finals, Evo Japan 2018, and Evo 2018.

#19 JimmyJTran

Jimmy Tran, United States, Free Agent
Twitter: @jimmyjtran

Character(s): JimmyJTran typically brings two things to the table at major tournaments: Incredible Bryan play, and lots of it.

How he got here: JimmyJTran attended just three offline events on this year’s TEKKEN World Tour, but he made the most of those appearances. A second-place finish at Summer Jam and a win at SoCal Regionals got him into the Finals field, and some helpful results at the final events of the season kept him in.

Why JimmyJTran could win: His seed is not reflective of his skill. The fact that the man also known as “Mr. Naps” is one of just four players to qualify for all four TEKKEN 7 season championship events reflects that. But if you need statistical proof, consider this: Of all of this year’s finalists, only Knee earned more points per event attended than JimmyJTran.

#20 Last Chance Qualifier winner

The final spot in the TEKKEN World Tour Finals will go to whoever wins the Last Chance Qualifier event on Saturday, December 1. In our final part, we take a look at the some of the players who will compete in this qualifier and could potentially find themselves in the Tour Finals.