Results September 17th, 2018

LowHigh and JimmyJTran win in a wild weekend of Tekken action

The TEKKEN World Tour kicked off Tekken 7’s Season 2 with a wild weekend of action.

LowHigh earned the Rev Major 2018 title in Makati, Philippines on Sunday. He secured the title by twice holding off the challenge of Ulsan, scoring a 3-2 win in the winners’ final and a 3-1 victory in the grand final.

LowHigh used four different characters over the course of Sunday’s Top 8 session. He used Steve to score a 2-0 win over AK. He won a game each with Law, Steve, and Shaheen over the course of his winners’ final set with Ulsan. In the grand final, he started things off with Bryan before switching back to Law.

Despite winning Evo 2018, Sunday’s victory marked a return to form for LowHigh. Rev Major marked both his first victory and first grand finals appearance at a TEKKEN World Tour event since BEast Arena Hong Kong in early April.

For Ulsan, the win would have meant more than just a title. Ulsan needed a win to move into qualifying position for the TEKKEN World Tour Finals. His second-place finish left him 12 points behind Fergus, the player who began the weekend in the final qualifying position.

LowHigh and Ulsan led an all-Korean top four in The Philippines. Reigning TEKKEN World Tour champion Qudans finished third, while Rangchu finished fourth.

AK finished top among Philippine players, tying for fifth alongside Korea’s JeonDDing. SenDC, another player representing the host nation, tied for seventh with Korean star Kkokkoma.

To the surprise of some, the Korean dominance on display in The Philippines did not reach the other side of the world.

JimmyJTran won the SoCal Regionals 2018 title in Ontario, California on Sunday. The win was his second straight TEKKEN World Tour event win, with his first coming just two weeks ago at Summer Jam.

Tran beat both members of Team Equinox on his way to the title. He scored a 3-2 win over Joey Fury in the winners’ final and followed that up with a 3-1 win over Dimeback in the grand final.

All three top finishers walked away in much stronger qualifying position. Tran appears well on his way to a fourth consecutive berth in the TEKKEN 7 world championship, while Joey Fury is now nearly 150 points above the qualification line. And Dimeback’s runner-up finish moved him back in to the Top 19 at the expense of Fergus.

The fact that a Korean star made the grand final was hardly surprising, but just which Korean star was the last one standing was a bit of a shock.

Echo Fox teammates JDCR and Saint were last-minute registrants for the tournament and were widely considered among the favorites to win, but neither star made the top four. Saint finished tied for fifth place after a loss in pools to MYK and a defeat to Dimeback. JDCR failed to make the top eight after back-to-back losses to Speedkicks and Saint.

Shadow_20z finished fourth, while Speedkicks tied for fifth place with Saint. Jackie Tran (no relation to JimmyJTran) tied for seventh place with ChetChetty.

The results of the weekend mean that eight players have now secured their places in the TEKKEN World Tour Finals. Qudans, Saint, JDCR, Kkokkoma, LowHigh, and Tissuemon will join the already-secured Knee and JeonDDing for the season championship event in Amsterdam in December.

The next two weeks of TEKKEN World Tour action are dedicated to online play. Online events in North America, Latin America, and Australia will take place on September 22. Tournaments for Europe, Asia, and New Zealand will take place one week later on September 29. The offline portion of the Tour returns on October 6 for TXT 2018 in Bogota, Colombia.