Results October 22nd, 2018

Super Akouma clinches ticket to Amsterdam with Berlin TEKKEN Clash 2018 win

One week ago, Super Akouma sat just below the qualification line for the TEKKEN World Tour Finals. His place in the season championship appeared to hinge on a crowdfunding campaign to send him to Canada Cup. Today, that crowdfunding campaign is cancelled… and Super Akouma couldn’t be happier.

Super Akouma took top honors at Berlin TEKKEN Clash in Berlin, Germany on Sunday. The win, his third of the season, was enough to secure his place in the Tour Finals.

The Frenchman was on another level all weekend. He went undefeated from the Round of 16 onward and lost just one game over the course of the weekend. He closed the tournament with back-to-back 3-0 wins over Italy’s Mitrust-Storm - once in the winners’ final and once in the grand final.

Super Akouma did it with style, too. Some of the side-switch combos he pulled off looked more at home in an Akuma combo video than the final rounds of a major tournament.

Super Akouma’s path to the title was made a bit easier thanks to stumbles from several of his closest rivals. The Berlin field featured three players who began the weekend in position to qualify for the TEKKEN World Tour Finals, and all three were eliminated by the time the field was thinned to eight.

Despite the presence of those regular fixtures, Sunday’s finals featured plenty of strong European players.

Mitrust-Storm set the tone by knocking Fergus into the losers’ bracket during pool play. He continued to impress throughout the weekend, knocking off DevilKazuya, Roo Kang, and Danielmado on his way to a second-place finish.

German player and Bob specialist DeeBeePee scored victories over Fergus, Asim, and Roo Kang on his way to a third-place finish in his home country. He finished one spot ahead of Italian star Danielmado.

Asim finished tied for fifth place with Danish star Blackbeard, the winner of last year’s European finale. Another German player, DritonRama, tied for seventh place with Roo Kang of the United Kingdom.

As for the heavy hitters, it was largely a weekend to forget.

Dimeback was the first to bow out. He entered the weekend tied with Super Akouma for the final qualification spot, but held a tiebreaker over the Frenchman by earning more points at Master

events. But after winning his pool, he suffered back-to-back defeats at the hands of Asim of the United Kingdom and Tissuemon of Italy. The Korean star finished in 17th place, earning no points and falling out of qualifying position.

Tissuemon set up the showdown with Dimeback by suffering an early defeat of his own. The Italian star fell to Indonesia’s R-TecH in the winners’ final of his pool. He bounced back to score four straight do-or-die wins, including his victory over Dimeback, before falling to Roo Kang in ninth place.

Fergus’ also took an early tumble in the tournament. He lost to eventual runner-up Mitrust-Storm in the winners’ final of his pool, then scored three wins before he fell to DeeBeePee in 13th place. Still, the news wasn’t all bad for the Irish player, as he officially clinched a place in the TEKKEN World Tour Finals thanks to the results in Berlin.

Fergus was one of five players to clinch a place in the TEKKEN World Tour Finals over the course of the weekend. Rangchu, Joey Fury, Chanel, and (of course) Super Akouma will join Fergus in Amsterdam for the season championship event.

Super Akouma’s ticket to Amsterdam is accompanied by a cancellation of his ticket to Toronto. Just last week, the Frenchman launched a successful GoFundMe campaign to attend next weekend’s Canada Cup, the final event of the TEKKEN World Tour regular season. After winning in Berlin and clinching his place in the finale, Super Akouma announced that he will refund all donations made to that campaign.

Even with Super Akouma out, there will still be plenty of heavy hitters in attendance at Canada Cup. Over 160 players are already slated to compete in Toronto, including several who have a shot at the final four berths in the TEKKEN World Tour Finals.