News Results November 8th, 2020

TEKKEN Online Challenge EU Southwest Results: Italy's HG|Mitrust Storm Wins!

The TEKKEN Online Challenge event for the EU Southwest region is over and the results are in! HG|Mitrust Storm from Italy took first place using Zafina, Nina and Anna as his main characters. Deathadder took second place using Lili and Najin Kazama took third place using Fahkumram and Marduk. Both players also come from Italy. Congratulations to HG|Mitrust Storm for his first place finish! Let’s take a look at the top 8 results from the TEKKEN Online Challenge EU Southwest.

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TEKKEN Online Challenge EU Southwest Top 8 Results

1stHG|Mitrust StormZafina, Nina, Anna
3rdNajin KazamaFahkumram, Marduk
5thQ4G|DevilninSteve, Akuma
7thEvoG|DidelfrayGeese, Akuma