News Results October 25th, 2020

TEKKEN Online Challenge US Central Results: Shadow 20z takes 1st Place!

The TEKKEN Online Challenge event for the US Central region has concluded and we have the results! DISRUPT|Shadow 20z took first place using Claudio, Kazuya, Lee and Zafina as his main characters. DISRPUT|Joonya 20z took second place using Eliza, Jin and Katarina and CGA|DieLit Wave took third place using Feng. Congratulations to Shadow 20z for his first place finish! Let’s take a look at the top 8 results from the TEKKEN Online Challenge US Central.

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TEKKEN Online Challenge US Central Top 8 Results

1stDISRUPT|Shadow 20zClaudio, Kazuya, Lee, Zafina
2ndDISRUPT|Joonya 20zEliza, Jin, Katarina
3rdCGA|DieLit WaveFeng
5thCHI TEK|MazenYoshimitsu
5thMr J 7BMaster Raven
7thBeast InfectionSteve