Results August 13th, 2018

Toko defends home turf at Moscow Fighting Arena 2018

Most of the year, Russian player Toko pours over TEKKEN news. This weekend, he was the game’s biggest story.

Toko held off fellow Russian player Forest to win Moscow Fighting Arena 2018 on Sunday. The win was his second ever victory on the TEKKEN World Tour, with his first coming in an online event last year.

Toko, who is a moderator on Reddit’s r/tekken and sported the subreddit as a sponsor tag, was in control all weekend. He and his Akuma went undefeated up to the Round of 16, then scored a 2-1 win over Drammo to reach Sunday’s finals. On Sunday, he scored a 2-0 win over Forest, then a 3-1 victory in the winners’ final over Syooss. He closed the tournament out with a dominant 3-0 win over Forest in the grand final.

Toko was part of a Russian sweep of the top four positions. Forest ended the weekend in second place, and Syooss finished third. Morton, the runner up at Moscow Fighting Arena 2017, finished in fourth place this time around.

Taking place the week between Evo and Tokyo TEKKEN Masters, Moscow Fighting Arena did not have the star power found at some other Tour stops. Still, there was plenty of talent in the field. All three of the winners of the Eastern European online events on last year’s Tour call Russia home, and two of them – Toko and Morton – finished in the top four of this weekend’s event.

The host country did well, but there was an international presence in Sunday’s finals. Sol of Belarus tied for fifth place with Russia’s ZeratuL, while Indian sensation Loveneet tied for seventh place with Russian player N942.

“There’s a lot of good players, very strong players here,” said Loveneet during the awards ceremony. “I didn’t expect that.”

There could have been more international stars in the field, but Lady Luck intervened. Asim of the United Kingdom and Jopelix of Finland both registered to compete in Moscow, but both players had to miss the event due to visa delays.

It was the second straight event that Asim missed due to forces beyond his control. Two weekends ago, severe weather shut down air travel from the UK and kept Asim from attending Headstomper.

Asim remains in 21st place, just two spots outside of qualification for the TEKKEN World Tour Finals. Toko debuts on the leaderboard in 22nd place, just 10 points behind Asim.

Moscow Fighting Arena was the end of a three-event run in Europe, but European players won’t have to wait long for another event, as Celtic Throwdown 2018 will take place in two weeks. Before that though, the Tour will head to Japan this weekend for Tokyo TEKKEN Masters 2018, a Master event.