Tournaments July 26th, 2018

Headstomper 2018 Preview

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The TEKKEN World Tour’s European road trip continues this weekend with a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark for Headstomper 2018. The Danish tournament, a Challenger event, is the second of three straight Tour events on European soil.

Over 120 European players (and one American) are heading to Copenhagen for a chance to move up the Tour leaderboard. In addition to its status as a Tour event, Headstomper serves as the final stop on the road to Evo, so this weekend serves as one final chance to tune up before the largest TEKKEN tournament in history.

Here are just a few of the storylines to follow at Headstomper:

Will home field advantage help Blackbeard?

Five European players to reach last year’s TEKKEN World Tour Finals. Of those five, three are currently in qualifying position for this year’s edition and a fourth is within striking distance. The only one not in the hunt is Denmark’s Blackbeard, who currently finds himself well off the pace. Blackbeard begins this weekend tied for 90th place on the Tour leaderboard with just seven points to his name.

The good news for Blackbeard is that he struggled similarly at the beginning of the 2017 season and still reached the Tour Finals. The bad news is that he got to those Finals by winning a regional final, an event that isn’t part of the 2018 Tour’s format. He needs to make deep runs at events to get himself back in the hunt, and a trip to his home country could be just what he needs to start making those deep runs.

Can Joey Fury get some more breathing room?

Joey Fury and the TEKKEN World Tour Finals qualification line: Name a more iconic duo.

Joey Fury used a strong performance at Combo Breaker to move into qualifying position for the Tour Finals. Since then he has traveled the world to hold on to that spot in the finals. He has turned in strong performances in the US, Poland, and the UK to keep hold of his place. The

problem for him is that those close to him in the standings have kept pace with him, meaning that Joey has yet to put some daylight between himself and those chasing him.

VSFighting was a bit of a win for him, finishing in 9th place while none of the players near him finished among the top 16. Joey gained a bit of breathing room, but with just 20 points between him and 20th-place Asim, things are still too close for comfort. With many of the players atop the Tour leaderboard preparing for Evo, this weekend is a golden opportunity to make a big move up the leaderboard and away from the danger zone.

Can any of the players “on the bubble” move up the standings?

Joey Fury isn’t the only player in the Headstomper field near the Tour Finals qualification line. All of the players currently between 18th and 21st on the Tour leaderboard will be in Copenhagen, and all of them will be looking to make deep runs and pick up big chunks of points.

We’ve already talked about 18th-ranked Joey Fury. He began last weekend in 19th place, the final spot to qualify for the Tour Finals. He moved out of that spot at the expense of the UK’s Kaneandtrench, who has made the top three at each of the first two European Challenger events. Fellow UK player Asim moved into 20th thanks to a top-eight run at VSFighting, and another strong result could see him move into qualifying position. And Irish star Fergus will improve on his 21st-place position on the Tour leaderboard if he can qualify for the grand final like he did at ADFT.