Tournaments September 12th, 2018

REV Major and SoCal Regionals 2018 Preview

SoCal Regionals 2018 (Ontario, California)

Pools 1-8 - Friday, 9pm-1am ET (6pm-10pm PT) on
Pools 9-12 - Saturday, 8pm-10pm ET (5pm-7pm PT) on
Pools 13-16 - Saturday, 10pm-12am ET (7pm-9pm PT) on
Top 32 - Sunday, 1pm-3pm ET (10am-12pm PT) on
Top 8 - Saturday, 3:30pm ET (12:30pm PT) on
SoCal Regionals brackets can be found here.

Rev Major 2018 (Makati, Philippines)

Pools - Saturday, 1am-6am ET (Friday, 10pm-Saturday, 3am PT)
Top 16 - Saturday, 6:30am ET (3:30am PT)
Top 8 - Sunday, 6:30am ET (3:30am PT)
Rev Major brackets can be found here (to be updated when brackets go live).
All action can be seen on

The TEKKEN World Tour is about to welcome Season 2 in a big way.

For the first time this year, there will be multiple Tour events in the same weekend. Rev Major 2018, Asia’s final Challenger event, will feature some of the best players from Korea, Japan, and the rest of Asia have to offer. On the other side of the planet, another Challenger event, SoCal Regionals 2018, will feature top American players competing in the final Tour event of 2018 on U.S. soil.

On top of the race to qualify for the TEKKEN World Tour Finals, this weekend’s action will be many players’ first chance to show what they can do with the newly-rebalanced Season 2. There has been plenty of talk about which characters are stronger or weaker than before, but this weekend is when we begin to find out how much of that rings true.

Here are a few of the stories to watch for during this weekend’s action:

Can anyone at Rev Major stop Knee?

We are running out of ways to describe just how good Knee has been on this year’s TEKKEN World Tour. We could tell you that he has six wins on this year’s Tour while nobody else has more than three. We could point out that he reached the grand final of every Tour event he has entered this year. We could mention that a finish of fourth or better this weekend’s Rev Major would push him over the 2,000-point mark, while only two other players have eclipsed 1,000.

If there is to be a weekend where Knee slips up, this just might be the one. He will be a little less practiced on the new Season 2 balance changes because the event he attended last weekend, The Mixup, utilized Season 1. He’ll also have to deal with a strong contingent of Japanese players that includes Nobi, Yuu, YuYu, Tanukana, and FV Cup champion Take.

Can Joey Fury earn a podium finish at SoCal Regionals?

No American TEKKEN player has racked up as many frequent flyer miles as Joey Fury this year. The New York native has travelled in a way that none of the other U.S. competitors have, entering tournaments in Poland, Denmark, and the United Kingdom in addition to criss-crossing his home country. His results at those events have him in the TEKKEN World Tour Finals field, but his place is far from secure.

While he has had several very good weekends, Joey has yet to crack the top three of a Tour event this year. He has come close, finishing fourth at both Headstomper and Summer Jam. A top-three finish or better at SoCal Regionals would go a long way to punching his ticket to the finale. That will be a tall task, as the field includes JimmyJTran, Dimeback, Shadow, Speedkicks, P.Ling, Pokchop, and many other strong players.

Two more hurdles await Joey Fury this weekend, as Saint and JDCR announced themselves as last-minute registrants. Joey has wins over both players this year, but repeating those victories will be no easy task.

Will the bubble burst on any TEKKEN World Tour Finals hopefuls?

There are just six offline events left on this year’s TEKKEN World Tour, so points are at a premium. That is especially true this weekend, as many of the players in the thick of the race to qualify for the Tour Finals are in action. The top 19 players at the end of the season earn spots in the championship event, and nearly everyone between 16th and 21st is in action this weekend.

Japanese star Nobi was in 12th place just two months ago. Now he is down to 17th and needs to do well at Rev Major to keep pace. He’ll also be keeping an eye on what happens at SoCal Regionals, as the players directly around him – Joey Fury in 16th and JimmyJTran in 18th – are in action. Fellow SoCal Regionals competitors Dimeback and Speedkicks enter the weekend in 20th and 21st respectively, and both will hope for big weekends. Dimeback will need to place fourth or better to pass idle Fergus and potentially move into the Top 19, while Speedkicks will need a finish of at least third to do the same.