Tournaments May 4th, 2018


Pools: Saturday, 1pm ET (10am PT) on
Top 32: Saturday, 7pm ET (4pm PT) on
Top 8: Sunday, 2pm ET (11am PT) on

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The TEKKEN World Tour returns to the United States this weekend with a stop at Texas Showdown. Three of the global finalists from last year’s Tour are among the 120 talented players in this weekend’s field. Nearly every region in the country represented: The West Coast (P. Ling and BeautifulDude), the East Coast (Joey Fury), the South (Anakin), the Midwest (Shadow_20z, Joonya_20z), Texas (JChantra), and more.

Here are three things to watch for during this weekend’s action:

Will the ’20z’ brothers continue to their run of success?

Lathaniel and Marquis Jordan, better known in the TEKKEN community as Joonya_20z and Shadow_20z respectively. Joonya and Shadow won the 2-on-2 team tournament at Frosty Faustings in January, and Shadow followed that up with a star-making run at the ELEAGUE TEKKEN Team Takedown. Both players made the Top 24 at a stacked Final Round, earning their first ever offline Tour points. The brothers also reached the top four of last weekend’s Red Bull Conquest: Chicago qualifier, with Shadow emerging the victor. The question is, can they ride that momentum to deep runs this weekend?

Will Anakin once again be the top American player?

Anakin has had more success on the competitive circuit than almost any other American player in the TEKKEN 7 era. He won more events than any other player on the 2016 North American King of the Iron Fist Tour, the precursor to the TEKKEN World Tour. His 2017 Tour campaign started just as strong, as he was the top American finisher in each of the first five events he entered. That streak included a top-three finish at CEO, a top-six finish at Evo, and three Tour victories.

This year is off to a similar start. He was the only American to finish in the top six at Final Round, and he will be among the favorites to win it all this weekend. But that win won’t come easy, as his path through the bracket could take him to a showdown with the red-hot Shadow_20z in the Round of 16.

Can the international players make some waves?

American players make up a vast majority of the field this weekend, but there are a pair of international players that could make things difficult for the host nation.

Venezuela’s ElNegro has already proven that he can do some damage in a bracket. He has performed well in two Master events in the Americas region, last year’s TXT (tied for ninth) and this year’s Final Round (tied for 25th). He could be in for stiff tests before the Round of 16 though, as his path features potential early showdowns with both Reflex and SperoGin.

Binchang, the star from Canaday (by way of Korea), is the other player who could potentially crash the Stars and Stripes’ party. He finished in ninth place at NorCal Regionals thanks to a loss to Trungy, who is also in this weekend’s field. Binchang could earn a rematch if he makes Top 8… provided he gets through a potential showdown with Joonya_20z first.